Sunday, 12 July 2009

IM HOME!!! N i like..........;)))))))


hehehe.. I'M HOME!!! I know it's been a month overdue but can't blame me for having fun now can we. You would be too busy having fun too if you were away from home for more than 9 months!! Life's been awesome for a month now and I'm NOT looking forward to going back to that damned 'peti sejuk' land. Everything is so cold there, the weather, people, food,..... sigh.. And then there's summer!! When everything becomes so hot. And to top it off, the forgot to install fans in the rooms.. Sometimes I feel their concept is, "BURN BURN, DAMNED PUTIHS. BOIL IN YE SKINS! YOU ONLY HAVE THREE MONTHS TO TURN FROM CHALK WHITE TO BARLEY WHITE! WE DON'T HAVE TIME!!". They forget about people like us who are naturally black/brown. This jokers nicely turning from chalk white to barley white and we pulak looking like burnt mutton!.. NVM!! I LIKE A GOOD TAN!!

Haha. Anyway, today I shall not write an 'essay'. Cos my left hand might possible be fractured. I don't know what's the deal with that. I woke up with this pain and then I blacked out. Sleepy la, must go back to sleep. I will not wake up for anything, anyone, any pain! *except if my mum starts screaming. hehe*.. So since I am awake, and my hand hurts, I shall point form this nonsense..

What's so awesome about my homecoming!!:

  • My parents face in the airport when they saw me. Man, that was to die for! I'm not joking. Everyone complains about their parents (excluding me) and everyone has parental problems but I swear when you're away from home, and when you come back. That 10 seconds when they first see you after so long tells you exactly how they feel about you. Massive love right there staring me in the face. Didn't help very much though that my dad and sis didn't recognise me when they saw me.
"What are you talking about. It's a blady Italian!! Our kid's not here yet", says dad to mum. Mum hangs back as Dad and Sis runs out of the arrival area in embarassment. 'Italian kid' walks straight to Mum and Mum screams to Dad and says, "The Italian kid is OURS!!!". I was Italian for a day that day. The next day I went back to being Jamaican. I had to stress to my parents that I must hold on to our roots and stay black! They were proud of their black baby.

  • The fact that my sis actually jumped when she saw me. HEHEHEHE!!! WHO LOVES ME?? Apsara busted!!! She JUMPED!! See, the rule between sisters is that you musn't show excitement at the sight of your sister. You must contain that feeling till you're sure they're not looking. Then you want you can do a split, five star jump, anything.....But the grey child got to happy I guess. can't blame her I guess. Hard to contain your excitement when you have a superstar Italian sister!
  • My dog remembers me!!! Haha. I was so worried that the dude wouldn't remember me that I saved the last bit of my deodorant that I used to wear when I was back in Malaysia. I saved it for nine months! For a dog! and.... IT PAID OFF!!! He looked at me all confused like, "Dude, you ditched me right. You're that punk ass that walked out on this brown family and took off right!! Nine months man! What do you think?!!! You think I'll come running to you wagging my.... wait wait.... what's this?!!! my tail!! IT'S WAGGING!!! I think..... I think.... I... stilll....... I LOVE YOU MAN!!!! *BARK BARK BARK*.... and that's that. My baby still loves me;))
  • MY CAR!!! The sexy piece of metal still responds beautifully to me. I got in and it started like I was just driving it yesterday. Soooooooo SMOOTH!!! Was a mess though inside and the best part was....... IT'S ALL MY MESS THAT I LEFT BEHIND 9 MONTHS AGO!!!... Even my old chewing gum!! *I ate one and it tasted like crap! But it was mine!:DDDD*
  • The food!! Adoi!!! Didn't matter if it was the yellow dhall curry which kept me in dark, depressed mood nine months ago. I remember when my mum made it nine months ago. My heart would hurt and I would go for long jogs just to drown my sorrows in sweat. Then somehow, the whole day would be all dark and mendung even when the sun was shining soooo damn brightly. Even my dog would look like a walking yellow dhall. Didn't help that he was small and yellow nine months ago. And I couldn't look at my dog the same way till that day/ or the dhall curry finished. BUT NOW!!! Dhall curry was awesome la. Note the 'was'. I prefer other curries now. But no more mendung days when my mum says "dhall curry". There's a small thunder but still a bright day;P
  • DURIAN!!! Nothing else needs to be said about that;)
K k, I think I'll stop here. There's so much that I can list down but I shall keep it till here. All I can say is that it's true what they say.. You only know what you miss when you're away from it. I was away and I missed it and what I took for granted then I treasure more now that I know how much I miss it. So people, don't take anything for granted cos what we have now is bound to be missing in the future. So enjoy it while you still have it;))

Ciao Bella;))