Tuesday, 15 June 2010

When will a tool ever be the end-product? A tool is the end-product amongst tool, but it will never be anything more than that..

Some violins have dual strings but always one fiddle.. or is there one with two? One with a purpose and one without..

Watched the movie Hills Have Eyes... Wish I had eyes.. Enough to see what I should see so that I can run. Joke is they didn't make it out alive. What makes me think I would?

Was jogging that day and I saw lots of dead animals on the road. A frog, a bird, snake and something beyond recognition. I write about you. So that you did not leave alone. You were spoken about.. When will I be spoken about? In times of absence? Or any God-given time...

I took my car out that day. It was driving so smoothly. And I thought to myself, "my car responds well to me". I was wrong. It responded well to my sister as well. What was special to me turns out to be something more common than I thought. Is it still special? It may be to me... but my car couldn't care less..

I'm up at this hour. And I'm thinking... Who else feels as lonely as this... Beats me.