Friday, 11 February 2011

I want to be blunt but it is against my nature to be that way. I cant just say what I have to. I have to hide it. Not just when I speak but even when I write. But I want to be blunt. Very much. They say you owe it to others to be truthful and honest abt the way you feel. Bullshit.. Its more abt being honest abt the way you feel with YOURSELF. Only when you're able to speak what you want without worrying abt what others think will you feel like you have the weight of a *_______* off your shoulder. The 'others' would go on with their lives whether you say what you want or don't but you live with what you have to bear.

So I want to say what I want. I want to say it without worrying. I want to say that I feel bitter.

I can't. And it makes me feel alone.

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